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Forest Bee Pollinators

Forest Bee Pollinators

Often, our first thought of pollinators usually takes us to honey bees in agriculture. Honey bees play such a large role in agriculture that sometimes the many wild bees that occur in other habitats such as forests are overlooked. There are over 4,000 known species of wild bees in North America (O’Toole 1991), many of which occur Forest Bee Pollinators in temperate forest ecosystems. While this publication focuses on bees, there are also many other important insect and non-insect animals that serve as pollinators.

Forest Bee Pollinators (PDF)

List of OR & WA Native Plants (not in publication):

In addition to the region-specific plant species list in the Forest Bee Pollinators publication, readers can find a more comprehensive list of native plants for Oregon and Washington, at these websites.  The Oregon database can be filtered to show plants beneficial to pollinators.